The Cost of Dental Implants in Sacramento, CA

Dental Implants: A Reliable Investment

An older woman with sunglasses and red hair smiles, showing that she invested in the cost of dental implants.

Many dentists recommend dental implants as the sturdiest method of replacing missing teeth. But sometimes, patients are surprised or discouraged when they learn the cost of dental implants can be more expensive than other restorations. As a result, they choose a less reliable method of restoring their teeth that will have to be replaced, adjusted, and repaired every few years.

Your investment in dental implants, the gold standard of restorative dentistry, can save you money in the long run. That’s because other methods of restoration pose unexpected repair and replacement costs. 

Learn more about the cost of dental implants by reading our guide below.

Financial Vs. Health Benefits A woman smiling with a diagram of implants to illustrate why the cost of dental implants is worth it.

Dr. Grivas recommends dental implants for the following reasons:

  • Durability – Dental implants are the longest-lasting option for creating your new smile because they take the place of your natural tooth root. With proper care, they may never need to be replaced.
  • Health benefits – The sturdy integration process helps stimulate jawbone cell growth to keep your jaw strong after you lose a tooth. 
  • Natural appearance – Our stunning dental crowns sit atop your implant and are the only visible part of your restoration. They’ll look and feel as comfortable as your natural teeth so you can smile with confidence.
  • Easy care – Caring for your dental implants is as easy as brushing and flossing every day, along with visiting our Sacramento dental office for routine cleanings. 

Although more affordable tooth replacement options are available, it’s crucial to assess how each one will affect your oral health. Talk to Dr. Grivas about your options, and we’ll help you find a restoration that fits best for your health and budget.

Does Dental Insurance Cover the Cost of Implants?

While it depends mostly on your plan and treatment level, many insurance companies will approve at least some funding for your dental implants. Dental insurance plans often regard implants as preventative because they retain jaw strength. 

We know the cost of dental implants is a factor in your decision. But it’s a worthwhile investment in yourself that can help improve your quality of life for years to come. Even if your insurance doesn’t cover your implants, they’re still the best way to maintain your jaw strength.

Discuss the Cost of Dental Implants With Dr. Grivas

Dental implants are a reliable method for restoring any number of missing teeth, from a single tooth to a full arch. We recommend discussing the pros and cons of each restoration with Dr. Grivas before making your final decision. 

He’ll help you land on a restoration option that fits with your budget and oral health goals. Contact us at (916) 929-9222 to schedule your consultation at our Sacramento dental office today.