Our Dental Technology in Sacramento, CA

The dental field is constantly evolving and introducing more and more advanced tools and technology for the benefit of patients. Here in Sacramento, Dr. Scott Grivas takes time to review all of these revolutionary products, so that he can outfit their office with the ones that provide the most comfortable procedures and the most accurate results. Whether you’re in need of a simple filling, a complex implant or a cosmetic procedure, our team can’t wait to provide you with the expertise and relaxing experience that you deserve!


GALILEOS ComfortPlus

3D digital imaging is the new “normal” for dental x-rays, but not all digital scans produce the same results. The ComfortPlus provides the highest quality images, most intuitive usage, and versatile patient treatment options. This innovative digital scanning technology allows us to plan and complete dental implant placement and restorations, create the most precise Invisalign alignment plan, and engage our patients in every step of their treatment process. Using chairside monitors you will view high definition images of your teeth, jawbone, and facial structure allowing our dental practitioners to thoroughly explain, plan, and simulate your dental treatment.

Digital X-Rays and Cone Beam

In the past, X-rays of a patient’s smile had to be developed slowly and tediously in a darkroom. And capturing multiple images meant exposing patients to a concerning amount of radiation. Today, these concerns are a thing of the past with our advanced digital X-ray and cone beam technology! Our team in Sacramento is now able to take detailed pictures that are instantly visible on a nearby chairside monitor. Furthermore, they can be rotated, color-coded, and transferred electronically for patient convenience.  Cone beam technology is a breakthrough that creates 3D X-rays, which show bone thickness, jaw structures, tooth relationships, root canal anatomy, and other vital information for planning implant procedures or other in-depth restorative care. Best of all, these techniques emit up to 90 percent less radiation than traditional machines, which protects our valued patients.

Soft Tissue Laser

With a soft tissue laser, many dental procedures that previously required invasive work are now much more precise and comfortable. The highly-concentrated, low-heat energy beam minimizes bleeding by instantly cauterizing the treatment area as it cuts. In fact, most patients don’t require sutures. Even better is the fact that the depth and extent of cutting are kept to a minimum, which means that healthy tissue can be left intact and unaffected by treatment. Dr. Grivas uses a soft tissue laser when performing several treatments, including periodontal disease therapy and cosmetic gum recontouring.

As much as our team believes in providing the latest tools for patient comfort and convenience, we also know that sometimes, it’s the little touches that can make the biggest difference.

Other state-of-the-art technologies we use:

  • Intraoral Camera – Patients seldom have a clear image of their oral health, which is why we enjoy using our intraoral camera. By inserting the small, camera-tipped wand into patients’ mouths, we can take a video and transmit the image to a nearby TV screen for viewing from the treatment chair. Doing so allows Dr. Grivas to point out issues and explain his recommendations in a much more understandable fashion.
  • DIAGNOdent® – DIAGNOdent is an advanced electronic device that aids in the diagnosis of cavities. By using a laser light, we can detect even hidden changes in your tooth structure and provide effective treatment faster than ever.
  • CEREC® – Our state-of-the-art CEREC machine makes waiting for your new crown, inlay, or onlay a shorter process than ever by expertly milling the restoration right here in our Sacramento office while you watch. Patients can walk out the same day with a dramatically improved look!
  • Piezo® Ultrasonic Scaler –In the fight against periodontal disease, our powerful ultrasonic laser is a big help. Its rapid vibrations effectively remove calculus, debris, and stains from teeth, leaving you with a smile that both feels and looks great.
  • STA Wand – Some patients have a difficult time with the injection of anesthesia. Thankfully, our STA Wand delivers a computer-regulated flow that provides immediate relief when an injection is necessary.
  • Vizilite® –  By passing our specialized Vizilite light over your mouth, our team can easily reveal potentially abnormal tissues that could develop into oral cancer.

Contact the office of Dr. Scott Grivas today if you have any questions about our available services, or if you’d like to schedule your first appointment. We welcome patients of all ages to participate in our comprehensive care and comfortable, kind approach. Located in Sacramento, CA, our practice also welcomes patients from West Sacramento, La Riviera, Rosemont, Florin, and beyond.