Invisalign Treatment in Sacramento, CA

Many patients are very interested in achieving a beautifully straight smile. However, if maintaining a polished appearance is a top priority for you, then you may not think that wearing metal braces will be worth the results. Thankfully, Dr. Scott Grivas has always believed in providing their patients with advanced treatment solutions that combine skill and strength with aesthetic quality. That’s why he’s happy to offer Invisalign as a much more sophisticated solution to traditional orthodontics. Busy adults or teens will love the seamless appearance, comfort, and convenience that Invisalign treatment has to offer.

How does Invisalign work?

Once Dr. Grivas has determined that you’re a viable candidate for Invisalign treatment, we’ll take precise impressions and have a series of clear, custom-made aligners created for your smile. These aligners each represent a different stage of your teeth as they move into their ideal alignment. You’ll simply wear each one for a predetermined amount of time before switching to the next in the set. Additionally, you’ll attend brief checkups every four to six weeks with Dr. Grivas so that he can check your progress and ensure that everything is running smoothly.

Invisalign treatment comes with several valuable benefits, including:

  • We always make sure to examine your TMJ when designing your aligners, ensuring the most comfortable fit possible – no uncomfortable wires or brackets required!
  • When worn, the aligners are virtually unnoticeable, which means that no one will know you’re undergoing treatment until they see the beautiful results that follow.
  • The aligners are removable, which allows you to continue enjoying all of your favorite foods.
  • Invisalign treatment typically takes anywhere from 12 to 18 months, which is a vast improvement over the two or more years that traditional braces can require.

Are you ready to feel completely confident about your smile? With the latest in dental technology, a dedicated and friendly staff, and a wide variety of comprehensive services, you’ll find everything you need right here at the office of Dr. Scott Grivas. Contact our Sacramento, CA, office today if you have any questions about Invisalign, or if you’re ready to schedule a consultation. We also welcome new patients from the nearby areas of West Sacramento, La Riviera, Rosemont, Florin, and beyond.