The end of the year is approaching and it’s a good time to reflect on your dental treatment needs and maximizing your insurance benefit. If you don’t use your benefit maximum for the year, you’ll lose it. Dr. Scott Grivas and Dr. Will Koett can help you make the most of your dental insurance and ensure that you get the treatment you need. Your dentists in Sacramento discuss how to maximize your dental insurance.

Understanding Your Dental Insurance

We know that insurance is confusing, and you may not understand what your benefits cover or even what your maximums are. That’s why our highly trained staff is here to help you navigate the ins and outs of your dental benefits, so you can make the most of them. Our friendly team can answer your questions about your benefits and get you scheduled for the treatment you need.

If you have outstanding dental work, or even a cleaning that needs to be done, now is the time to consider scheduling before your benefit dollars run out at the end of the year. Most insurances run on a calendar year, which means that in January your dental plan will renew, and any dollars that you didn’t use for 2016 will be lost. If you need treatment our financial coordinators are experts at helping patients fit dental work into their budgets and get the most from their dental insurance.

Using Your Flex Dollars

Like dental insurance, many patients may have flexible spending health care accounts that renew at the beginning of the year. Many of these plans require you to use your money, or lose it. Flex dollars can also be used for dental work, so again it’s a good time to look at any treatment you may need, or have been putting off and schedule it now to help you maximize your flex plan.

For more than a decade Dr. Grivas and Dr. Koett have been providing patients in Sacramento with high quality dental care in a warm and caring environment. Our doctors diagnose treatment with the utmost integrity, so you can rest assured that the treatment you need will truly benefit your oral health. We’re committed to making each visit pleasant and stress free for our patients, so you’ll find a highly trained staff and state-of-the-art equipment in our office.

Contact our office today to discuss your treatment needs and schedule your next appointment before the year ends, and the benefits run out.

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