Accidents, damage, fractures, or root canals can all cause the need for dental crowns, and while a crown is the best way to restore the integrity of your tooth, many patients are frustrated by the process it takes to get a crown completed. All of that is changing however, with CEREC one-visit crowns! Here are some of the benefits offered by CEREC crowns in Sacramento.

What is a Dental Crown?

A crown is needed when your tooth requires more repair than a filling can accommodate. Your dental crown fits over your natural tooth structure like a “cap,” which preserves your natural tooth and root, while restoring function to your teeth. You may need a crown if you’ve had:

  • Damage from tooth decay
  • Infection or a root canal
  • Large chipping or fractures to your tooth
  • Excessive wear

Having a dental crown completed used to require two to three lengthy appointments and could take two to four weeks to complete. Patients would have to endure messy impressions and wearing a temporary crown after their first appointment, while their final restoration was being fabricated at a dental laboratory. Then they would need to return for another appointment to place or seat the crown after it returned from the dental lab.

This was a lengthy process to begin with, and then problems with the temporary crown or fitting of the final restoration could mean even more time spent at the dental office. The process was time consuming and inconvenient for patients, however that has changed with the revolutionary technology of CEREC.

What is a CEREC Crown?

CEREC is an in-house milling machine that utilizes 3D imaging instead of dental impressions to create and fabricate dental crowns. Your dentist will scan your tooth, creating a 3D image that transfers directly to the CEREC machine, which will then customize and fabricate a high quality porcelain crown for you in around one hour. This means that you will have an excellent fitting, aesthetically pleasing dental crown that you’ll leave with on the same day. No more messy impressions or temporary crowns. CEREC has completely streamlined the process so your dentist is able to restore your tooth in one visit.

Where Can I Get a CEREC Crown?

If you’re interested in same day crowns in Sacramento, meeting with Dr. Scott Grivas and Dr. Will Koett is a great place to start. These highly skilled doctors have been helping patients restore their smiles for over a decade and they offer the advanced technology of CEREC at their practice because they understand that it makes treatment more comfortable and efficient for patients.

If you’ve been told that you need a dental crown, contact our office today to learn more about how CEREC can improve your treatment experience.

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