There once was a time when the only way to address tooth loss was to be fitted with dentures. Thankfully, a new day has dawned, where you can be fully restored with the same sturdiness that you get with your natural roots. Dental implants are your best option for replacing your missing teeth, but you want to know how much they will cost. As you read on, your local dentist weighs in with some helpful information.

Why are Dental Implants the Best Option for Restoration?

To replace missing teeth, the best route to take is the dental implant process because it goes to the underlying bone and works its way up in construction. The process centers around titanium posts that are affixed to your bone structure, later fusing to create a bond that comes closest to mimicking your natural roots.

An abutment (anchor) is later attached to the implant and serves as the connecting piece between the post and the permanent fixture (crown, bridge or implant-retained dentures) that will be placed to fully restore your smile. After these simple steps are completed in two-to-three visits, you’ll leave your dentist’s office fully restored.

How Much Will My Dental Implants Cost?

Because the dental implant process is completely customized, there’s no way to accurately pinpoint costs without you visiting your dentist. On average, though, a single surgically inserted post can range between $3,000 to $4,500. Again, to get a more accurate price, you’ll need to visit your local dentist to be examined.

He or she will take into account such things as:

  • The condition of your underlying bone
  • Whether you have any infections in your gums that need to be treated first
  • Your current overall health to make sure that the procedure doesn’t put you in any danger

Keep in mind that you still have the less expensive traditional dentures route available to you, but do the cost savings really measure up over time?

Dental Implant Costs Compared to Dentures

In some cases, you can get a full set of dentures for the cost of two dental implants, which makes it a more attractive option for more cost-sensitive people. What has to be considered, though, are the following:

  • Stability – Dental implants offer more stability and prevent bone loss.
  • Appearance – You’ll be able to enjoy a more natural looking smile with implants.
  • Lifestyle – With dentures, you won’t be able to completely taste your food because the plate partially covers your palate, but that’s not a problem with implants. You’ll enjoy a natural feeling experience when you eat, talk or carry out any of your other functions.
  • Longevity – Whereas dentures can last up to eight years, your surgically inserted posts can endure for a lifetime if cared for properly.

To get more information about the dental implant procedure, pay your dentist a visit. He or she will examine your oral cavity thoroughly to determine what your specific needs are and what the financial obligation would be, so that you can plan accordingly.

Regaining the way of life you once knew is very much within your grasp. Reach out today and schedule a consultation to get the ball rolling!

About the Author

A graduate of Loma Linda University School of Dentistry, Dr. A. Scott Grivas has been practicing dentistry for over a decade. To ensure that his patients continue to get the absolute best care, he takes continuing education courses annually. Additionally, he’s been recognized by the International Dental Implant Association for his proficiency and pursuit of excellence. Dr. Grivas can be reached for more information through his website.

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