How Does Social Distancing Work in Dentistry?

Ever since social distancing measures have been implemented across the United States, it has been nerve-wracking for many to go anywhere. While decreasing contact with people at the grocery store and the local park has been challenging enough, going to the dentist seems like a much more difficult scenario. Sitting close to other patients in the waiting room and having close proximity to your dentist makes it harder to distance yourself. Fortunately, as dental practices have begun reopening, certain measures are being taken in the office to reduce potential Coronavirus exposure to patients. Your dentist in Sacramento can assure that your safety is their number one priority during your visit.

What Are the Guidelines of Social Distancing?

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, social distancing, or physical distancing, means to keep space between yourself and non-household members. To successfully practice social distancing, you must:

  • Stay at least 6 feet from other people who are not members of your household
  • Refrain from social gatherings
  • Avoid crowded locations and mass gatherings

Following these guidelines greatly reduces your risk of contracting COVID-19 or unknowingly spreading it to other people. This is especially important in order to protect people who are at higher risk of developing life-threatening symptoms if exposed to the virus.

How Are Dental Practices Handling Social Distancing?

There are several new ways dental offices are operating to ensure the safety of their patients. Here are a few:

  • Virtual Waiting Rooms: Many medical and dental practices are now using what is called a virtual waiting room. This helps cut down your in-office waiting time before you meet with your provider. With shortened waiting times, your direct and indirect contact with other patients is greatly reduced and lessens your probability of contracting or spreading the virus.
  • Spaced-Out Scheduling: Dental practices are now making a greater effort to space out appointments between patients. By doing this, there will be fewer people in the office at one time. This limits unnecessary contact between patients. Having fewer patients in the office simultaneously makes it much easier to consistently practice social distancing.
  • Cloth Face Coverings: As recommended by the CDC, wearing a cloth face covering when in a public location adds an extra barrier between you and other people. By choosing to wear one, you are greatly reducing the likelihood of unknowingly spreading the virus to someone else. However, cloth masks should not be worn by children under the age of two or anyone who has breathing difficulties.

Although we are living in uncertain times, you can still get the dental care you need for optimal oral health. Your dental practice cares about your well-being and is making necessary changes to ensure the safety of their team and patients. Your dentist will be happy to speak with you about preventive measures being taken in the office to assure your safety.

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