Finding healthy, positive alternatives to candy and useless toys isn’t always easy. Nowadays, aisles are full of small trinkets and mass-produced candy that will only lead to sugar highs and broken plastic. Fortunately, your dentist in Sacramento offers a few helpful ideas that will help keep both you and your little one happy this holiday season.

Keep Their Teeth Clean with a New Toothbrush

While it’s likely your child would rather receive something else other than a new toothbrush for Christmas, finding one with their favorite character might just have them running to the bathroom to start their nightly routine. When children see that their favorite superhero believes in the importance of a healthy mouth, don’t be surprised if they start taking more of an interest in brushing their teeth. Even if it’s not you that inspires them to keep their pearly whites sparkling clean, go ahead and let Batman or Ironman take on that responsibility.

Put Their Teeth in a Safe Place with a Tooth Fairy Box

With crafting becoming more and more popular these days, it won’t be too difficult finding unique tooth fairy boxes for your little one. If they need a safe place to keep their teeth as they wait for the tiny fairy to arrive, this type of gift will certainly have them eager and excited about losing their primary teeth.

Make Sure They Clean In-Between with Flavored Floss

Cinnamon, cupcake, and even bacon are just a few of the great dental floss flavors you can now find. Why bother flossing with a traditional minty floss when you can enjoy other unique tastes as you clean in-between your teeth. By choosing your child’s favorite flavor, you can encourage them to remove harmful bacteria and food particles from those hard to reach areas.

Protect Their Smile with a Custom Mouthguard

Whether it is sports they enjoy or regular outdoor activities, dental accidents can happy at any moment, which is why it’s important to ensure their teeth and gums are protected. A custom-made mouthguard can be a great stocking stuffer, as it is lightweight, small, and compact. Besides, it’s likely your child has already lost one of two of these oral devices, so what will it hurt to provide them with one more?

Ensure your child’s stocking is equipped with all the things that will keep their mouth clean, healthy, and protected this holiday season.

About the Author
Dr. A. Scott Grivas studied at Southern Adventist University before spending 8 years working as a registered nurse. Opting to pursue a career in dentistry, he enrolled at Loma Linda University School of Dentistry, completing his Doctor of Dental Surgery degree before opening his own practice more than a decade ago. A firm believer in preventive care, he wants all his patients to receive regular dental checkups and cleanings twice a year as well as practice good oral hygiene at home. During the holidays, he and his team will be happy to provide you and your family with useful tips and tricks to keep decay and disease away, allowing you to spend more time with family and friends and less time in the dentist’s chair. To learn more, contact us at (916) 571-0815.

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