Dental implants are an investment that can benefit you for decades as long as you care for them properly. Even though they’re not natural teeth, they still need regular upkeep and maintenance. Keep reading to find out what your experts on dental implants in Sacramento have to say about what you should avoid in order to maintain them.

Five Habits to Avoid With Dental Implants

If you have taken the leap to restore your smile with dental implants, or are considering it, you want to be sure that you know how to properly care for them afterward. Here are five habits you should avoid to keep your dental implants strong and lasting long:

  • Forgetting to floss: Even though dental implants can’t develop cavities, the gums and surrounding teeth are still at risk. Flossing helps to remove plaque build-up and keep implants secure in the jawbone.
  • Skipping regular dental checkups: Seeing a dental professional on a regular basis gives them the opportunity to catch issues before they develop into significant problems. Be sure to schedule and attend regular dental visits to make sure your implants are still set up for success.
  • Smoking: Despite being harmful for teeth in terms of stains and decay, smoking can also lead to gum disease which lessens the success rate for dental implants.
  • Chewing on inedible objects: Like many people, you might unconsciously bite your nails or chew on writing utensils, but over time, this can cause wear and tear to the bones around the dental implant, threatening its stability.
  • Using your teeth as tools: This is never a good idea whether you have natural or prosthetic teeth. If you have crowns or other prosthetics connected to dental implants, they are much easier to crack or break than natural bone.

Dental implants are an incredible solution to smile restoration. If you have them, you want to preserve them, so consider these five tips to help you do it!

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