Full and Partial Dentures in Sacramento, CA

With the constant evolution of dental technology, dentures and partial dentures now have a lot to offer—including enhanced comfort. While dentures have had a bad reputation for slipping and causing discomfort in the past, now advancements allow a higher level of comfort than ever before when using removable prosthetics. Using the latest dental technologies and tools, combined with neuromuscular dentistry, Dr. Grivas will create a custom-made prosthetic to restore your smile and chewing ability with dentures and partial dentures.

Dentures and Partial Dentures

Prosthetics for missing teeth not only allow you to regain your beautiful smile, but they also promote your ability to eat and speak. In addition, you promote your oral health and help preserve the bone and structures that support adjacent teeth. This added level of support helps maintain your facial structure, reducing the severity of facial sagging and sunken lips.

Now, you have multiple options available when it comes to replacing missing teeth. No matter if you’re missing a single tooth or all of your natural teeth, Dr. Grivas has the state-of-the-art treatments you need to replace missing teeth.

Removable Prosthesis

To create the ideal fitting prosthesis, Dr. Grivas use the latest advancements available for maximum comfort by having a clearer image to your oral health. Using 3D digital imaging, high quality digital images are produced to evaluate your teeth, facial structure, and bones. The innovative technology provides the high definition images needed to begin creating a treatment plan.

Then, measurements and impressions of your jaw are taken to create a mold for the prosthetics. This mold will allow Dr. Grivas to make necessary adjustments prior to casting the final denture. To ensure maximum success when creating the prosthesis, Dr. Grivas also uses neuromuscular dentistry, which involves looking at your oral system as a whole—including how you chew, swallow, and speak.

This allows for a higher level of precision when creating a prosthesis by taking the jaw alignment into consideration. This helps alleviate any stress or discomfort to reduce any possible painful complications of the dentures. Using computerized equipment and other technological advances, Dr. Grivas can diagnose and treat possible concerns that may impact the success of your prosthetics.

By combining the traditional aspects of creating dentures with the latest innovations in dentistry, Dr. Grivas can design the most perfect-fitting and well-functioning dentures. You’ll have an improved ability to eat and speak with minimal discomfort, while benefiting from the most natural-looking smile with a removable prosthesis.

While dentures in the past were a fairly long process, often taking months to complete due to multiple impression and adjustment visits, now you can have your prosthesis sooner. The use of the latest innovations cut the time by reducing the trial and error of creating custom-fitting dentures.

With a mission to provide the most up-to-date and effective dental care, Dr. Grivas and his team get to know you and your needs to deliver the utmost care. We’ll cater to you to deliver the dentures and partials you need for maximum satisfaction. Call us today for a consultation.