Full and Partial Dentures in Sacramento, CA

Reinvigorate Your Smile

Tooth loss has several effects on your stunning appearance. It can change your confidence in your smile, speed up the aging process, and limit the function of your jaw. Fortunately, you can avoid these effects and feel proud of your smile with natural-looking full and partial dentures at our Sacramento dental office. 

Learn more about our traditional full and partial dentures when you schedule your consultation at Scott Grivas, DDS.

Affordable Full and Partial Dentures

Dentures are tooth replacement solutions that can restore a full or partial jaw of teeth without surgery or invasive procedures. These affordable solutions are designed to blend seamlessly into your smile while supporting your stunning appearance. Plus, they’ll improve the functionality of your teeth to make you feel more comfortable while eating, speaking, and smiling in public. 

Traditional dentures are a long-trusted method of restoring your smile. Using personalized restorative materials, we’ll create a set of brand-new teeth that fit comfortably in your jaw and immediately enhance your facial structure. 

The Benefits of Dentures

Our patients choose dentures because they’re easily removable for cleaning. Your restoration could even last up to 15 years with the proper care. Our dentist offers these restorations because:

  • Improves eating ability A woman points to her stunning new dentures.
  • Affordable & reliable
  • Boosts your beauty 
  • Helps self-esteem and confidence
  • Adjusts easily

Caring For Your Dentures

Extending the life of your dentures takes careful consideration and maintenance. Our dentist recommends the following routine to keep your dentures looking and feeling comfortable:

Cleaning Your Dentures

The most crucial step of maintaining the health of your restorations is to remove and gently brush them twice a day using a soft-bristled toothbrush. You should also rinse them after you eat, either with water or alcohol-free mouthwash.

Frequent brushing and rinsing remove food debris that can affect your oral health. However, remember not to put too much pressure on your restoration, as it can wear down the custom-designed shape and teeth. 

Nighttime Care

Flossing is another essential part of your routine — it keeps harmful bacteria from between the teeth that can cause gum problems. It’s best to floss after a full day of eating and drinking. Don’t forget to remove your restoration and place it in a cleaning solution overnight to keep it from wearing down your jawbone or losing its personalized fit.

Routine Maintenance Visits With Dr. Grivas

You can also extend the life of your restoration by visiting our Sacramento dental office twice a year. We’ll examine, professionally clean, and make any necessary adjustments to your custom fit during this appointment.

Discover Dentures at A. Scott Grivas III, DDS

Your Sacramento dentist works hard to provide the highest quality dentures available. You’ll love how natural your smile will feel when we’ve worked with you to create your tooth loss solutions. With a custom shape, color, and size, we’ll create a restoration that will leave you proud to share your smile with your loved ones.

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