Emergency Dentistry in Sacramento, CA

Be Prepared for Dental Emergencies, Protect Your Oral Health

Dental emergencies are usually sudden and scary – not to mention the fact that they tend to happen at the most inconvenient times. When you or a loved one experiences a dental injury or severe dental pain, we offer emergency dentistry and give you the support and skilled care you need during these difficult moments. 

Emergency dentistry is the practice of responding to and treating dental emergencies as soon as possible to mitigate long-term damage and alleviate pain and discomfort as soon as possible. In most cases, we can even see you the very same day as your initial request for an emergency appointment. In the meantime, there are some valuable steps you can take in emergencies that will help alleviate discomfort and may even save your oral health from long-term damage.

I Knocked My Tooth Out

Adult teeth are strong, but they aren’t indestructible. Sometimes dental issues or dental trauma can lead to the loss of adult teeth. In the event of a tooth being knocked out, Dr. Grivas recommends these steps: 

  1. Clean the tooth. Immediately rinse it to clear it of any food particles or debris that are clinging to the enamel – however, be careful not to remove any natural tissue! 
  2. Replace the tooth. Do your best to replace the tooth carefully within its socket.
  3. Soak the tooth. If putting the tooth back in the socket just isn’t possible, get a plastic cup or baggie of milk and place your tooth inside as you transport it to our office. 
  4. Contact Dr. Grivas. Call our Sacramento office by dialing (916) 929-9222 and schedule an appointment. Once you arrive, Dr. Grivas can determine if reattachment is possible.

My Temporary Crown Fell Out

Permanent crowns are specially designed to stay in place, but temporary crowns are more likely to fall out unexpectedly. In cases such as these, your Sacramento dentist recommends following these rules:

  1. Dry and reapply. Very gently dry the crown and apply a small amount of toothpaste or a dental wax or adhesive to the inside of it. 
  2. Reapply the crown. Gently press the crown back into place to secure it.
  3. Contact Dr. Grivas. Call our Sacramento office by dialing (916) 929-9222. Once you arrive, Dr. Grivas can better secure the crown if possible.

I Broke My Tooth

Sometimes, damage and decay don’t completely knock out your tooth. It may be damaged, in which case, your dentist recommends the following:  

  1. Rinse the affected tooth with lukewarm salt water. This will help kill any bacteria that try to enter your gums through the broken tooth.  
  2. Reduce pain and swelling by holding a cold compress against the appropriate cheek.
  3. Collect any broken pieces, wrap them in wet gauze and bring them with you to our Sacramento office. 
  4. Contact Dr. Grivas. Call our Sacramento office by dialing (916) 929-9222 to schedule your emergency appointment as soon as possible. Once you arrive, Dr. Grivas can better secure the crown if possible.

I Have A Very Bad Toothache

A toothache can happen for a lot of reasons. It may be due to dental trauma, infection, or trapped food or another foreign object causing the irritation. In the case of a toothache, Dr. Grivas recommends the following: 

  1. Rinse your mouth thoroughly and floss around the tooth. 
  2. Do not place an aspirin on any of your gum tissue because doing so could cause pain and even chemical burns.
  3. Please contact us by dialing (916) 929-9222 to schedule an appointment if you’ve completed these steps and the discomfort persists. 

My Jaw Might Be Broken

A broken jaw is a highly serious dental issue. Your Sacramento dentist recommends following these guidelines to prevent further damage and reduce pain: 

  1. Apply a cold compress immediately to reduce pain and swelling. 
  2. Go directly to the nearest emergency room for treatment. 
  3. Please contact Dr. Grivas by dialing (916) 929-9222 if you damaged any of your teeth in the incident so that he can help you decide on effective replacements as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does emergency dentistry cost?
Can a lost tooth be reattached with emergency dentistry?
How do I know if I need emergency dentistry?
How much does emergency dentistry cost?

The cost of your emergency dentistry will depend on the nature of the emergency as well as your insurance coverage. However, we understand that emergencies can strike at even the most inopportune times and you may not be prepared to cover certain costs when they happen. To help our patients afford treatment, we offer flexible financing options, including CareCredit, and patient specials. Rest assured that Dr. Grivas and our team will help you get the care you need, when you need it, in a way that’s affordable to you. 

Can a lost tooth be reattached with emergency dentistry?

In certain cases, a tooth that’s been separated from the socket can be reattached, but the chances of successful reattachment taking place decrease with time. That’s why it’s vital to see your dentist as soon as possible after the injury. If you’ve lost a tooth, call our Sacramento office by dialing (916) 929-9222 as soon as possible.

How do I know if I need emergency dentistry?

Anyone who experiences a dental emergency requires emergency dentistry. A dental emergency is usually characterized by: 

  • Sudden pain
  • Swelling
  • Bleeding
  • Lasting discomfort
  • Loss of vital oral structures such as teeth 

Regardless of the kind of dental emergency you’re experiencing, you should call Dr. Grivas at our Sacramento office and schedule an appointment as soon as possible by dialing (916) 929-9222

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At the Sacramento office of Dr. Scott Grivas, our patients always come first, and when you experience dental emergencies, we’ll do everything we can to get you back to enjoying a healthy, happy smile as soon as possible. Contact us today by dialing (916) 929-9222 if you have any questions about our emergency dentistry services, or if you need to schedule an appointment. 

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