Emergency Dentistry in Sacramento, CA

Dental emergencies are usually sudden and scary – not to mention the fact that they tend to happen at the most inconvenient times. When you or a loved one experiences an injury or severe pain, please don’t hesitate to reach out to Dr. Scott Grivas, and the rest of his team in Sacramento. We offer patients the support and skilled care they need during these difficult moments, and in most cases, we can even see you the very same day as your initial request for an emergency appointment. In the meantime, there are some valuable steps you can take in emergencies that will help alleviate discomfort and may even save your badly damaged or lost tooth.

I Knocked My Tooth Out

Rinse the tooth carefully to get rid of any food particles or debris that are clinging to the enamel – however, be careful not to remove any natural tissue! Once you’ve completed this step, do your best to replace the tooth carefully within its socket. If this just isn’t possible, get a plastic cup or baggie of milk and place your tooth inside as you transport it to our office. Once you arrive, Dr. Grivas can determine if reattachment is possible.

My Temporary Crown Fell Out

If you still have the crown, then dry it very gently and apply a small amount of toothpaste. Press it back into its original spot on your tooth. Dental wax or adhesive are also good options for holding the crown in place temporarily. Doing so should provide relief until you’re able to reach our Sacramento office.

I Broke My Tooth

Rinse the affected tooth with lukewarm water. If any swelling occurs, hold a cold compress against the appropriate cheek. Doing so should help with the pain until you’re able to see us.

I Have A Very Bad Toothache

Is it possible some trapped food or another foreign object is causing the irritation? To make sure, rinse your mouth thoroughly and floss around the tooth. If you’ve completed these steps and the discomfort persists, please contact us to schedule an appointment. Do not place an aspirin on any of your gum tissue because doing so could cause pain.

My Jaw Might Be Broken

Apply a cold compress immediately. A broken jaw is very serious, so please go directly to the nearest emergency room for treatment. If you damaged any of your teeth in the incident, please contact Dr. Grivas so that he can help you decide on effective replacements as soon as possible.

At the office of Dr. Scott Grivas our patients always come first, and when you experience dental emergencies, we’ll do everything we can to get you back to enjoying a healthy, happy smile as soon as possible. Contact us today if you have any questions about our emergency services, or if you need to schedule an appointment. Located in Sacramento, we also serve the areas of West Sacramento, Florin, Rosemont, La Riviera, and beyond.