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What are some benefits of cosmetic dentistry?

Cosmetic dentistry will make you look and feel like a whole new person. The best version of yourself. Every time you greet people with a smile you can do so with confidence. There are also oral health advantages related to numerous cosmetic dentistry procedures. Some of the major benefits are:

Why should I choose Dr. Grivas and Dr. Koett Jr for cosmetic dentistry services?

While most dental practices offer basic cosmetic dentistry services for their patients, Dr. Grivas and Dr. Koett Jr have focused years of advanced education and training on developing skills as cosmetic dentists. Dr. Grivas' practice offers the widest range of treatments, and collaborates with his patients to create a personalized treatment plans to meet their needs.

How much of my treatment will I pay for out of pocket?

Most of the treatments Drs. Grivas and Koett Jr offer are partially covered by insurance, but every plan is different. Financing and insurance coverage will be discussed as you plan your course of treatment. Our office also work with CareCredit to provide low-interest financing for those who qualify. Visit their website to find out more.

Will I know what my new smile looks like before treatment?

Innovative digital x-ray and intra-oral camera technology allow our team to have superior clarity in examining your teeth. These tools also give us the ability to share your dental imaging right away, and evaluate it with you. The patient is always part of the planning process at our office, and you will see and evaluate any concern areas and determine what your “perfect smile” should look like.

How long will it take to perfect my smile?

Every procedure is different, but almost every cosmetic service will require at least two visits: a consultation and a procedure appointment. At your consultation you will work our team to determine your treatment plan, payment and scheduling options. One or more treatment appointments will be scheduled to complete your procedures. Most cosmetic services don’t require more than an hour of chair time per visit.

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