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Dentist in Sacramento Tells Signs of Sleep Apnea

October 7, 2016

Millions of people in the US have sleep apnea, a disorder that harms overall health. Read the details from Sacramento dentist, Dr. A. Scott Grivas III. Sleep apnea is more than bothersome snoring. It’s a potentially dangerous sleep disorder that steals adequate oxygen, rest and overall good health. Sacramento dentists, Dr. A. Scott Grivas III and Dr. Will Koett Jr., want patients to understand the signs of sleep apnea. Plus, they offer innovative and effective solutions.


TMJ Treatment with Neuromuscular Techniques

December 7, 2015

tmj treatmentWelcome to our brand new blog! Dr. Grivas and his whole team are excited to have this avenue as a way to bring you the very latest information about our practice and your oral health. This is just one aspect of our commitment to improving the smiles of all our neighbors in Sacramento. To start things off, we’d like to share a little information on a revolutionary TMJ treatment — one that uses neuromuscular techniques to provide you with the relief you need. Keep reading to learn more from Dr. Grivas today.


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